Author-illustrator Tina Kügler lives in Los Angeles with her artist husband, three boys and an enormous hairy dog named Harryhausen.


Tina wrote and illustrated SNAIL AND WORM, a collection of easy reader stories about two small friends, coming May 2016 with Houghton Mifflin Books for Young Readers. The sequel, SNAIL AND WORM AGAIN, is coming in May 2017!

IN MARY’S GARDEN (2015, HMH), written and illustrated by Tina and her husband Carson Kugler, is a biographical picture book about the life and work of Wisconsin artist Mary Nohl.

Tina illustrated THE CHANGE YOUR NAME STORE (2014) and its sequel, NO MORE BEIGE FOOD (2016), both written by Leanne Shirtliffe and published by Sky Pony Press.

She spent ten years drawing storyboards in the animation industry for studios such as Walt Disney, Nickelodeon, and Warner Bros., and is also known for her iconic Sputnik Girl posters for Manitowoc, Wisconsin’s annual Sputnikfest. She also owned a children’s bookshop and worked in the youth department of a public library. Tina is also a Cub Scout leader and has little to no spare time.

Tina is represented by Teresa Kietlinski at Bookmark Literary.


Q & A:snail_read_poster_WEB

Can you Skype with our class?
Yes, I will do 15 minute Skype visits at no charge. Please email me at for details.
Here is a really awesome checklist for a successful Skype visit!

If our class writes to you, will you write back?
Yes, I am in the process of getting a P.O. Box for Snail Mail. Stay tuned for updates!

Say, how can I get this completely amazing 8.5×14″ poster, pictured here, for my classroom or library?
Just ask for one! Drop me a line at



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